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Monday, February 6, 2012

I gotta be good...

reat product
So back in late Dec. before this blog was put up about me I was taking on a major project to organize my inventory and I bought this great product off marketplace.

So I'm back to doing that.. It's allot of work but in the end it's really going to pay off.. then I hope to get back to my photography.

It's 2012 and time is running out! only 319 more days until possible the end of Second life and this planet.

You ask why I have a countdown on my blog. It's because I'm REALLY interested in finding out what is going to happen. I try to watch all the Apocalypse programs on History Channel.  I'm sort of glued to this shit. I mean it's going to be crazy time. A once in a lifetime experience!! You will have Christmas and this going on just before Christmas! I will be maxing my credit cards out cause their will be no banks a week later!

I mean think about it... you have the economy in the toilet. The rich are getting richer and people are losing jobs and their houses!

Greed is one of the seven deadly sins, afterall. What better way to stop that greed then to make everyone an equal. Money will be worthless. Food, water, and shelter will be "the rich" of the new world. I don't know if it's going to be the end of the world.. but I think something is going to happen.
It has too.. 

A small part of me wonders what it would like to live in a Apocalyptic world. It's like one of those things I wouldn't mind trying for a day or two, but I'm sure if it happened I would be begging it didn't.

I'm not one of those religious fanatics who have been waiting for this for years. I guess it's the unknown factor.. to me it reminds me of Christmas as a child wondering what you are going to get.

 You might not be a believer in this or don't want to think about it... but I am, cause I want to be prepare. I want to like a Sarah Connor type if it happens LOL. Im not stockpiling food and water (not yet LOL) I'm just really drawn to it for some reason. 

\Another thing I found some interesting thins is this prgram called Ancient Aliens. I'm not a huge follower of like UFO and Alien programs/alien abduction programs. in general. I think somewhere out there there is life, but there was a part of this series that had me wondering, which was this Gods of these ancient civilizations. Allot of them were from the sky... so it could of been they were an advanced civilization.

I mean look at the Romans their civilization was so advanced in so many ways leonardo da vincis was WAY before his time. It's mind boggling how advanced he was in his thinking. It just makes you wonder...

Funniest thing about all of this... I hated History in school. Now I find myself drawn to learning from it, but I always have been drawn to Old architecture... the Pyramids are so interesting to me. I dunno I'm rambling in stuff...

Its just going to be a really interesting end of this year!


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