"some bitch put it on a fuckin blog i cant escape that even if i wanted too" - Harlee Cavalier (aka Harlee Fallen) talking about her self admission to being a guy in RL.

[2011/07/05 18:37] Harlee Fallen: i’m a boy in rl

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Crying Game

So I guess there is this movie called "The Crying Game" with a Transgender Character... funny cause the Crabface is now having his own Crying game.. again. 

 First off this loser has been telling people to go to my blog an complain or file a complaint. LOL

Then he complains to SLPornTube about a video made with a character very similar to them. Claiming their "real life photo" was used. Well, that was already proved to be bullshit and you are no cam girl or a girl lol


It was all fun and games until that blog was removed and that video was put out with you fucking Jumpman Lane in the booty. Now they have a change of heart.

They are crying to whoever will listen to them spinning a story that they really are a good person LMAO.

 [20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 21:33:48 2012) well thats not what happened at all basically i was away for a few days i had gone to london while i was away meg left me an offline and said 'omg harlee look at this blog' so when i got back i i.md rayven because i knew she would probably assume i had something to do with it, so i told her look rayven someone pasted me this blog just want you to know i have nothing to do with it and that was it. i think it was a day later she start saying shit like 'oh funny how this blog comes out while your out of town i think it could be you or 2 others who done it' so i told her not to be a dumbass like why would i tell her about it why wouldnt i just let her find out for herself and more then anything what reason do i have to talk about her again we were cool we were doin our own shit there was not reason, but ofcourse she didnt wanna listen and from there it just started up again, but yea i dunno its as if she cant even believe anyone dislikes her i mean hello she blogs about everyone and anyone lol....i just wanna ge

(I never said there wasn't people who disliked me. Bottom line is you obviously knew who made that blog...I think personally you were part of it. If you were trying to convince me you are this great and wonderful person by telling me about it... whats the point of telling me about it if you are not going to say who made it? )

[20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 21:33:48 2012) t on with my sl and honestly i know she cant be having too much fun dealing with this shit every single day its pathetic....making videos makin pictures like that just going over board she's posted some little boys picture on her brokeback blog...its like why would u post some random kids pix like that on your blog...

 (Why do you post pictures of a cam girl on your profile claiming it's you?)

[20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 21:41:44 2012) all i know is i'm over it i'm not responding to her blogs her videos anything like i honestly have better shit to do lolol, its like she's just going overboard and she doesnt realise nobody actually cares because honestly in no way has any of her allegations or anything limited my sl i still do everything i use to do..its just more high profile now....and even that i'm like over now

(If nobody cares then why are you crying in people's IM boxes?)

[20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 21:50:41 2012) i mean you can say what you want either way i'm not going back and forth with her anymore, all she was doing was name dropping me even when she supposedly wasnt talking about me she was name dropping me, its as if she needed my name to keep her blog relevant, and i doubt there is gonna be any conclusion to you saying i wanna work shit out mark my words she's just gonna get belligerent about it, like this is all embaressing because people are just like 'oh you must like the attention since you go back and forth' some even think i am rayven LOL just doing all this for attention..its crazy but ya she'll never believe that i actually dont want anything to do with her and i dont care what she does on sl or what she is in rl ...like this all started with maximus and me and him are STILL fucking so...i'm just like why are you upset again lol?

(I dont care if you are fucking a monkey. You are a pathetic, mentally unstable, pathological liar. Last I checked my blog was started before your ugly Crabface came along)

[20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 22:02:40 2012) kay either way i'm just gonna get on with my SL, i'm really not a bad person yea i come across cocky and shit but its just fuckin SL who cares lol its as if she's made me the poster for all 'barbies' in SL and its like no....i'm a different person i hope she does let it go and instead of blogging every negative blog about something positive for once

(I do blog positive stuff but there is nothing positive about you. Crying you are not this terrible person. Yet, you stoop to making jokes about a family member of mine after you admitted on two other occasions is wasn't something you were proud of and was pretty low. Rot in hell, boy. )

[20:31]  нαяℓєє: (Saved Sat Feb 04 22:27:38 2012) Glad i could show you i'm more then the media made me out to be lol, sadly people just judge a book by its cover but i'm glad you atleast see that i'm not a complete bitch, just misunderstood and fed up anyway let me know how things get on with Rayven xox

(Oh yea, Harlee you are this wonderful person and we all just had you all wrong. Does anyone else think this person is bi-polar?)

In your sick, fucked up mind you are this wonderful person. Then again you are also a female with big huge breasts and blonde hair. I will NEVER remove anything off any blog. I don't care how much you beg and kiss my ass. You know why? You are a fucking liar. You might be able to fool some people, but sir... I'm not one of them.


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