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Monday, February 13, 2012

Call it like it is

A spade is a spade. Here we go again... another celebrity passes away and all the bleeding hearts come out to put them on a pedestal. Poor Whitney...

Yes, this shit makes me sick.

Once upon a time Whitney had a good squeaky clean image. She WAS a rising star. Who changed that? Whitney. Nobody else...

Bill Gates is one of the richest men in the world and remains that cause of choices he has made. Donald Thrump is Donald Trump causes of choices he has made.. Robert DeNiro is still one of the top male actors out there because of choices he made.

Whitney and Bobby Brown was just bad from the start. It was Whitney who had everything to lose. You can't tell me Whitney didn't have anyone to turn to for help. That's bullshit.

I personally feel some music artists need or depend on drugs and alcohol to preform. Clearly the drugs were not doing anything to help Whitney.. but was just tarnishing her image. .

You have families out there out of work.. a family of five living in a small motel, with half of them sleeping on the floor. You have people homeless, eating out of dumpsters, living on the streets.  What Whitney spent in a week on drugs could of gave several families food and shelter for a month.Who should we really be feeling sorry for?

If Whitney REALLY wanted to get clean.. she could have. I know someone who was over 325 lbs had a heart attack and wanted to get healthy for his daughters sake. He has lost 125 lbs.

Robert Downey Jr. was know years ago as a talented actor but a major drug addict. He broke into a house and fell asleep in someone's bed. Seems he has since turned the corner..

Whitney had the money to get clean. Whitney had the backing to get help. Whitney didn't want to get clean. Bottom line.. 

Now Whitney's 18 yar old daughter has been reported as a cocaine abuser. You would think you would want to clean yourself after having a child and not pass your demons on to your child.

There are articles coming out saying the days leading up to her death she was "partying hard". You can't blame Bobby Brown he wasn't anywhere around. 

Below is a video of Whitney the night before her death. She don't seem sober to me. Sounds like someone who has been drinking trying to sing. She sounds horrible.. reported blood running down her leg. Got in an altercation with someone.When you are trying to get clean.. that mean alchol too not just drugs. Cause alcohol leads in drugs in many chases cause addicts can't get their high just from alcohol alone.

Sorry, Whitney Houston was no icon. Whitney Houston was a missed opportunity. They were given a winning lottery ticket and a special talent to  which they wasted it.

Whitney could have done allot of good for allot of people... but in the end all they cared about is themselves. An if you look up to someone like that... then maybe it's time to re-examine yourself.


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