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Friday, February 17, 2012

I am a master of none!

Well, I sorta gave up on 3Ds Max for the time being. Maybe once I figure out what I want to do I might get back into it. I thought about trying to make some mesh clothes, but thing about SL fashion. Once you make something that's popular... people copy it. It never really was my goal to get rich making money through second life.

So I decided to focus on right now color correction in photos and video to get the most of of photos. Photoshop and After Effects are similar in some ways so I can work on both and better my "skills" then I can just working on 3Ds Max, which is not built on the same format.

Problem is.. I won't be 100% happy.. cause I want to do it all. That's my problem.. instead of getting really good at one thing.. I tend to jump around and learn a little of everything. Sort of a Jack or all trades, Master of none.

So as of right now that is my focus the Adobe products. Mostly right now Photoshop and leading into After Effects.


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