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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cell phones companies suck!

Ok, first off this whole early termination fee they have it bullshit. Let's see you have to make a two year commitment to them or else pay them extra money.

Yet, what guarantee do you get over the next two years your service won't suck? NONE!

Let's take Verizon for example..

I lost my android phone. So I have insurance.. well..  I had to play $50-75 for a new replacement refurbished phone. (I forgot how much it was but they have since raised it)

So I found my old phone. The one they sent me I have problems with it. Battery life is less.. if i plug it in to charge sometimes it don't charge. Signal seems weaker.. so I call and try to activate my old phone.

They won't let me!! What? I can't activate a phone I PAID FOR? They want me to send the phone to them with my fucked up phone to get another re-tread phone.

Buh-Bye Verizon!


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