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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I was going to do this sooner or later

So here it is... let it rip.

I have a Western Digital External "My book" Hard drive and it froze up and wouldn't be picked up by my laptop. It's about six or so months old.. but I have only really used it a handful of times. Well, I can't access lot of my video stuff. All my videos I made are on there. I have music and personal photos which seem to be lost (at the time of writing).

At first I was like.. oh no.. I lost all this stuff. Then I did a google search only to find out there are a ton of other people having the same problems with these external drives by the company. 

The longer I looked for a "fix", the more people I seen with the same problem. Yet, no public response by he company which makes this even more frustrating

So in a short period I went from being upset about losing everything to being pissed off that this company continues to crank out  product that is defective. If I would of know there was a problem I would have made sure I burned the stuff to a DVD. Since the drive was so new and so little used I didn't think it would go to shit so soon.

So after a night of no sleep and no response to date as of yet from the maker. I had a horrible day.. I was so aggravated. Frustrated. Irritated. I was not in a great mood. I had a migraine so I go to the grocery store to get some food. What a fucking mistake that was.

I'm not there for 5 minutes as some lady is like "Oh smile, it's not that bad...  blah blah blah" I hate these people who feel you need to have a smile on your face 24 hours a day and if you don't. It's their job to remind you to smile or get you to smile. 

I really wasn't in the mood for this bitch and told her to mind her fucking buisness. Then I was called rude. 

LMAO Rude? Rude? You made it you prerogative to get into my business. Bitch, buy your fucking groceries and get out of my face. 

So then there is the annoying, whining kid again... who's mother is ignoring him, but his voice is like a knife into my head. 

Can't forget the big fat overweight black lady who takes up most of the isle and decides to stop in the middle of it to "try" to text someone. 

Or these other idiots who use their cart as a battle ram trying to make you move or try to squeeze there carts into spots there is no room. 

 So I get home and make a stir fry. I buy some Uncle Ben's Rice is a bag you heat the bag up. Well, I cook the rice and open the bag. There is some black shit in my rice. 

So I go back to bed.. wake up and try to hook up my drive again. My laptop picks it up! I get a password prompt. 

I get happy.. I'm going to be able to get my stuff. 

Oh wait.. for some fucking reason my password don't work and I can't unlock the drive. 

I can't use a data recovery program cause the files are encrypted. 

So my drive is still locked up. I still haven't heard from Western Digital. There are a ton of other people with the same problem. 

So If you have one of these drives or are looking to buy one. Take this as a warning. Start backing your shit up, cause these drives are a piece of shit.


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