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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review: A Day at the Office

So apparently I'm bad at making videos... I make "noob shit". I mean I can't compete with some of these "amazing" videos out there with no plots or snooze-fest dialogue. So I decided to go into reviewing videos of these "Masters" instead. So maybe I can learn from them.

So today I will look at the latest by Daves Delthy called "A day at the office."

Here is a shot of the opening title screen. It's not Star Wars by a long short. Hell, it's not even The Blair witch project. Text is sort of fuzzy around the edges... It clear he is still in the starting stages of titling his videos. It doesn't wow you at all.. instead it screams low budget beginner's shit.

The set itself looks very cheap. The texture on the couch and chair look horrible. Like they were a mountain texture or something. Not exactly much effort or lindens put into this set. Once again... nothing that blows you away.

Then there are black UFO's or shadow spirits flying in front of this poster in the background. So I guess this is some sort of ghost story.

So I guess the ghost or shadow spirits decide to try to tear the poster off the wall  Notice his avatar is working on that fancy Title and for some reason he calls it a Bimbo? Yea I'm lost. Maybe if the spirits would of helped him instead of tearing the poster of the wall this would of been better video. 

So this girl, with some bad tattoos that looks like a kindergarten class scribbled on her, was grinding on a pole for nobody.  The spirits weren't even interested in her. Then again it's Pookey Snookie or whatever there name is.... and nobody knows who the fuck they are. That's star power for you. 

Not only this the dialogue very basic and boring. You better take some speed reading lessons before watching this. Then you have to try to make out the dialogue which blends into the video background. This is basic stuff Mr. Daves seems he still hasn't picked up yet. I guess we will see after another 20 videos if this improves.

The sex is very boring.. nothing special. Nothing to see here.

The jokes clearly miss their mark... there isn't much at all that works in this video but the shadow spirits and they took a back seat to these two amateurs.

The avatar seems like he worked on his project longer than Mr. Delthy did on this video. 

On a scale of 1-5 Princess crowns this gets 1 1/2 crowns and I'm being kind. 


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