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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Do you like apples Mr. Hawker?

So earlier today I had Mr. Barrett Hawker post something on his flickr claiming I stole a photo off his flickr photostream. He filed a report with Blogger and Flickr.

So instead of sending me a IM in world or sending me a message through flickr. He decides (i'm sure with the advice of the Raccoon who's the one who went crying to him) that he would make a big fucking deal about this grandstanding and making a show of it. 

So in the process of whining about this photo he claimed I stole off his flickr page, he took a photo of my blog and wrote on the photo "this is my work". 
I put allot of hard work in my blog design and you are taking credit for it?  If you created this blog Mr. Hawker how come I have the password and am the Admin of the blog? I am filing a complaint with Flickr for you posting a picture of my blog and trying to take credit for the creation of it.

I have also contacted the law firm in second life of Sheuller-Horowitz and Brown so I will be seeing you in a court on some sim soon enough

1. Ok first about me stealing a photo off his flickr account. I have never been to his flickr photostream until today.. so that would be pretty hard.

2.Last I checked you need to actually pay money to copyright something, not click on a menu on a web site.

3. The photo was posted on Sissyboy Lame's blog

4. Photo's were also posted on the Raccoon's blog.

5. Photo(s) passes around in world in second life.

So how can you be 100% sure the photo was stolen off your flickr? You can't and it wasn't

Then let's touch on this shit he posted on his flickr. First off he sends me the link but blocks me from responding. I guess he thought he was going to get like 20 responses in support, but he fell way short of that. 3 with one being Brokeback harlee whining again.

He did call Mercedes "Raccoon" Styles a pig though. LMAO That was funny.

So I made a post earlier in response quickly before I headed out to the real world (something the Raccoon and Crabface don't know anything about)

So Mr. Hawker sent me a message through flickr a little while ago. Apparently the advice that the Raccoon gave him didn't work out very well or my Prim lawyers gave him a lecture. So here in the message.

Miss Rayven,

Today I read your blog in the title: Mr. Hawker, and I need leave you a clear things.

This picture in your blog really is mine, why I take a complete set of Mercedes, you can see the textures of my backstage how the wall grey curtain and squares in this pic, too in this pic Mercedes did some changes in her outfit.

I did this sets why was for an order work for Jumpman Lane.

Your problems not matter me, I want to offer a deal.

This is the deal: You will quit my pic of your blog, and I will quit your pic of my flickr stream... and we can be in peace.

I think this is a good deal.



First off if you would of asked me first like this I would of removed it, but instead you listened to the three stooges and they played you for a fool.

I have no beef with you. An I will show I'm the better person. I will remove the photo. Hell it won't be hard to come up with something else.

Just next time Mercedes "the pig raccoon" styles or  Brokeback Harlee tell you to do something tell them you are not a puppet like Meg "Penus" Corral.

So how do you like dem apples?


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